Knee & Joint Pain Treatment in la mesa, alpine & santee

A common complaint for patients of all ages, knee and joint pain can have a range of causes. From injuries including ruptured ligament or torn cartilage to medical conditions – like arthritis, gout and infections – pain in the knee is a sign that you need to see a doctor, get to the root of the cause, and explore the best treatment options for a full recovery.

How does knee and joint pain feel?

Symptoms of Knee & Joint Pain

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Swelling, popping or clicking near knee

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Locked knee that’s painful to bend

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Limited range of motion

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Swelling or tenderness on the inside or outside of the knee

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Popping and clicking near meniscus (shock absorbers between lower leg and femur)

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What does knee pain mean?

Common Causes of Knee & Joint Pain

Structural knee injuries may require a physician’s treatment and possibly surgery. Common causes of structural knee pain are:

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Muscle imbalances in the quads

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Misalignment to the knee joint

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Tear to the meniscus

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Torn ligaments, cartilage or connective tissues

Functional knee injuries can be treated with chiropractic care. These types of injuries are often caused by:

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Stiff, tight muscles on either side of knee that cause misalignment

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Running and biking without proper stretching

 How we help

Alleviating Knee Pain

Extremity Adjustments

Your chiropractor may recommend extremity adjustments to specific parts of your knee pain in order to align your muscles and bones.

Foam Roller

Regular stretching after running, biking and exercise, especially with foam rollers, will quickly and effectively relieve pain and stop any clicking or grinding.

How can adjustments and lifestyle changes help?

Benefits of Chiropractic

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Relieve Pain

Simple exercises can make all the difference when it comes to functional need injuries and associated pain. Awesome Family Chiropractic can help!

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Eliminate More Serious Causes

If you’re active and healthy, your knee pain is likely easily treatable. Don’t stress or worry that it could be a larger problem. Get checked out today.

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Enhance Quality of Life

Get back to the sports and activities that you love with simple and effective chiropractic treatment.