Round Ligament Pain Treatment in la mesa, alpine & santee

Think of the body as a clock with a pendulum. When the body is balanced, the pendulum swings freely from one side of the clock to the other. However, if the pendulum gets stuck on one side, the other side has to accommodate. During pregnancy, as the uterus and baby get bigger, they may shift to an unideal position which can cause the pelvis to become lopsided around weeks 15 or 16 of the pregnancy. This can cause the ligaments to stretch, which manifests as sharp pain on one side of the lower belly or groin, also known as round ligament pain. The team at Awesome Family Chiropractic can adjust your round ligaments to get your baby in a better position, and to keep you comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

How can adjustments and modification changes help?

Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

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Pain Relief

There are adjustments that your chiropractor can perform to help relieve pain and encourage the baby into a better position.

Reduced Tension

Soft tissue work from your chiropractor can help release pressure and discomfort from round ligament pain.

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comfort in carrying

When the baby isn’t positioned correctly, it can throw the your body off balance. The right adjustments can keep you comfortable.

How does it manifest?

Symptoms of Round Ligament Pain

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A deep, sharp pain, usually on one side of the belly button

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Stabbing or stretching sensation in the lower belly or groin

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How does it happen?

What triggers Round Ligament Pain

Round ligament pain is a lumbar issue and certain activities or movements can trigger pains. This pain is different than the zing of lightning crotch, which happens when the baby descends. It’s actually an issue that has to do with the balance of the body and the baby being in the correct position.

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Rolling over in bed

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Rapid movements

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Vigorous activity

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Quick steps